Commission Your Own Painting
Ever thought about having a family portrait or a pet portrait? Maybe, a favourite holiday view? Or a picture of your house and/or garden?

I paint any subject matter, including human and animal portraits. My clients have been extremely happy with their paintings, and an original artwork really is something very special and personal to that individual.

How does it work? 5 Easy Steps
1. You can send me photographs (by e-mail or post) of the image you would like me to paint. I will give you a quote for the price of the finished painting.

2. I will scan your photographs and send your original photographs back to you; the electronic copy will be destroyed when no longer required.

3. I will initially make a sketch of the painting, that you will see, so that we are both happy with the details and the general layout of the picture.

4. I will create an original oil painting to the dimensions of your choice.

5. You will be kept informed throughout the process and will be able to view the painting as it develops, via email or photos through the post. This will allow you to let me know if you wish me to change anything, and will allow you to see the artistic process in action.


Please be re-assured that if you are not completely satisfied with the painting there is no obligation to buy it, but I find that by keeping in touch with my clients (as outlined above), both myself and my client are very happy!

Use the CONTACT US form on this site giving details of your request. We will reply and give you a quote (there is no charge for the quotation, or obligation to buy).

Iain reserves the right to exercise his artistic judgment during the creative process, but you are UNDER NO OBLIGATION to purchase unless you are completely satisfied with the picture.
Fishing Cat